Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The First Step - Peer Pressure

You know, I always make things much harder than they really are.  I want to think of all of the possibilities.  I want things perfect . . .  HA.  What a waste of time and energy. 

Just do it.  Isn't that Nike's slogan?   You see, now I'm worried about if I can even SAY or write, JUST DO IT without getting permission from Nike.  They don't own those words, do they?   I sure hope not. 

I've had this Blog set up and ready to "go" for months now.  But it wasn't perfect.  I hadn't selected the perfect background.  I didn't have a picture.  You see what I face?  It isn't perfect!

Today, a friend shared her first blog with me.  It was fabulous, inspiring and made me wonder what I was waiting for.  Ok, it also made me a bit jealous and envious.  It looks so - well, easy.  So here goes.  I will hit publish.  Today, like right now.

Why do I find myself holding my breath?

1 comment:

  1. How awesome you're a blogger! I always thought you had it in you. I look forward to seeing what the perfectionist Beth has to share with the world. The inner workings of Beth's brain and not just 'sound bites' on FB. BTW, love the background pic. Perfect.